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Nova Scotia 

Nova Scotia


Peggy's Cove
Nova Scotia is one of the four Atlantic Provinces in Canada. (Map)
It is located on the East Coast and is 55,000 square kilometres in size.

Nova Scotia is a province of rolling hills, flowing rivers and sharp cliffs.
The province’s landscape and climate has often been compared to that of Scotland.
Cape Split East Jeddore
Nova Scotia has 3000 lakes and three-fourths of the province is covered with forests.

There were 937,889 people living in Nova Scotia as of 1st July, 2005.
Most of the communities are located along the coast.

The capital of Nova Scotia is the city of Halifax (2001 population, 359,111).
Theodore Too Town Clock Harbour Hopper

Nova Scotia’s daily temperatures vary, depending on the season.
The averages are: - Spring from 2° to 9° C
- Summer from 16° to 24° C
- Fall about 18° C
- Winter about -3° C
There are all types of weather in Nova Scotia, including rain, snow, hail and freezing rain.

Nova Scotia sometimes gets a lot of snow during the winter.
Blizzard Blizzard snow shovelling
That means lots of shovelling!

Contrary to popular belief though, Nova Scotia has some very nice summers
and to go along with that some excellent beaches!
Beach Sarah@beach

To find out how the weather is at present, why not check out the weather in Halifax or the town of Kentville's Web-Cam.

The main industries in N.S. include agriculture, fishing, forestry, manufacturing, mining and tourism.

When in the province, might I suggest a trip to Benson's Genuine Broaster Chicken, 134 Union Street
or the Driftwood, 209 Commercial Street in Berwick (Kings County).
Two very fine family dining restaurants, not to mention owned and run by my Uncle Donny.:)
Benson's Restaurant eating ice cream Sarah is happy
Papa Jim and Sarah say "Yummy!" to Uncle Donny's ice-cream!

Some Nova Scotian symbols are: the Mayflower, Nova Scotian tartan and the Bluenose II.
The Bluenose II is known as Nova Scotia's sailing ambassador. She is a replica of the famous schooner Bluenose (c. 1921-46).
The Bluenose II is 43.5 metres long and was launched from the Lunenburg shipyard of Smith and Rhuland in July, 1963.

What can a person do, while visiting Nova Scotia?
Why not try whale watching, hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, sailing,
para-sailing, surfing, scuba diving, camping, golfing and the list goes on!

gift shop kayaking

Oh yes, and oh...while in the province...don't forget to try some of our fresh lobster, best eaten on the shores of Hall's Harbour!

Halls Harbour Lobster Pound Atlantic Lobster

I hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of Nova Scotia - Canada's Ocean Playground! More still to come!

Halls Harbour

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